1. Design

The first step is a personal consultation with Martin. He goes through the whole process from start to a finished product, custom made just for you. You will discuss ideas based on the collection, choice of materials, details etc.


2. Measuring

Martin takes your personal measurements and we present an estimated price level, after we know how much leather and other materials that is needed for your jacket. Customers in other countries/regions can also send their own jacket with the perfect fit, for us to take measurments from. 


3. Ordering

Our team will start creating your personal jacket. The leather is usually delivered to us 5-6 weeks from customers order and the actual manufacturing can take place in our studio here in Sweden. The time from ordering a jacket to final product is normally 5-8 weeks, all depending on choice of leather and design features. Express order is possible to an extra cost of 15%.  With express order you will get your jacket within 20 days.


4. Manufacturing

After personal measurements, patterns are drafted and we will make the leather cuttings. Every garment is individually hand-cut and it is not uncommon for a garment to involve 50-60 or even 100 pieces before it is finally constructed in The Martin Key collection.


Martin Key’s custom-made pieces are also available online. However, because of the high level of personalization, not all projects are suitable for mail order. Therefore, acceptance of custom-made projects via mail order will be made solely at our discretion.


5. Delivery

You will be invited for a personal delivery by Martin at his studio in Östermalm, Stockholm. If you choose so, Martin can come to your place for a personal delivery and the cost for that can be discussed when needed.

We always offer alterations on our work. Alterations on our own work (labor only) are free during the first 2 weeks after delivery. After that you can always contact us for consultation and price estimate.